Phase IV – Bed

The bed was rebuilt with a new reproduction bed floor during the Body Prep phase. From the very beginning of the restoration, it was decided to paint the bottom of the bed in the body’s main color (Medium Green). The wheel wells would also be painted in the same color. Research was done on how […]

Paint Line References

This page illustrates the placement of the two paint colors on two tone trucks. There is variation, most likely some are factory correct and others are deviations during repaints. The first pictures are of trucks brochures. The second set of pictures are of trucks that look like they may not have been repainted. The third […]

Phase IV – Cab & Cowl

The cab at this point is only part of the truck still on the frame. The interior, frame, engine compartment is covered and taped. A special spray on soap has been sprayed over the truck before covering and taping so that any overspray that lands on the frame, undercarriage, engine, etc. will wash off easily. […]