The Beginning

The ’72 before driving it to the first restoration shop where the cab would be repaired.

The ’72 just prior to beginning the restoration process. Note, since taking ownership, the passenger mirror had been removed, and the chrome Corvette rallies had been swapped for truck rallies.


The interior, with bucket seats and console installed by the previous owner. Most everything else is original including tilt wheel, AM/FM radio, A/C, guages, tinted windows, etc. Each piece of blue tape covers a non-factory hole in the cab. I believe there were about 50 plus extra holes in the cab.


The factory 400 V8, A/C, power brakes, and power steering
The original 400 V8 and Turbo 400 Automatic were rebuilt by the previous owner and had approximately 48,000 miles at this point. Not original are the Edelbrock Performer manifold and the Corvette air cleaner and valve covers. The ’72 400’s came with a low rise steel manifold.


Passenger side suspension – 35 plus years of grime but not rust anywhere on the frame or suspension. Note the riveted patch in the inner fender well.
Factory sway bar, though I was surprised that this is not the wider of the two diameters that are available. I believe this one is 1 1/16 inch.
Everything looks dirty but what you would expect from an unrestored 1972 vehicle used regularly.