Phase I – Paint Prep

With the body work done on the cab, the paint preparation begins. Final sanding commences, seam sealer is applied, and everything except the inside of the cab, the firewall and the underside of the cab are sprayed. The color is 1972 Chevrolet Truck Medium Green. The paint used is PPG.

The cab is ready for cleaning and taping.
The dash and floors are sanded with fine grit sandpaper and seam sealer is applied to all seams.
The cab floor is smoothed and sealed.
The back of the cab is also sanded smooth.
The firewall is sanded smooth in preparation for paint.
Close-up of the firewall near the blower motor inlet. Note the seam sealer applied on the firewall side of the cab.
Inside cab roof before paint.
Bottom of cab before paint, sanded smooth for a show quality finish.
Taping on parts of the cab that won’t be painted.
Ready for final cleaning and paint.