Phase I – Paint

Choosing the paint color was a huge decision with lots of back and forth. There was a strong desire to keep the truck as original as possible, yet I wanted the truck to be as if I had ordered it myself in 1972.

Original Color Scheme

The original color scheme was Medium Olive Poly (504) with a Dark Olive Poly (506) cab top. These three pictures are the only trucks I’ve ever seen with this color scheme. I’ve never seen one in person.

New Color Scheme

The color scheme that was finally selected was 1972 Chevrolet Medium Green (518) with White (521) cab top and stripe. Example 1 below best illustrates how the truck will look when finished.

1972 Chevrolet and GMC Factory Colors
PPG Base Coat Medium Green 518
Example 1 – Medium Green and White
Example 2 – Medium Green and White. Notice this truck is badger as a Custom Deluxe, not a Cheyenne or Cheyenne Super.
Example 3 Parchment Interior