Phase III – Misc. tasks before Body and Paint

The truck is together enough to be transported with cab and bed bolted to the frame. Miscellaneous items will be installed to facilitate transportation and to minimize what needs to be done after the vehicle is painted.

Bed and cab are on the frame.
All new brake cables and grommet are installed. The rebuilt, original brake booster and mounting bracket are installed. The new master cylinder is installed. The rebuilt intermediate steering shaft is installed. The stainless steel and rubber brake lines are installed.
Core support has been powder coated and mounted with new hardware.
Rebuilt steering box from a later square body C10 (these have faster steering ratio), new rag joint, powder coated sway bar, polyurethane sway bar bushings (in black), powder coated control arms (top and bottom), control arm bushings, all new tie rod ends, rubber bump stops, pitman arm, brake hoses, etc. All suspension parts are new sourced from Early Classic Enterprises (Mooge).

Outer bedsides are sanded smooth, inner bedsides are still in glide coat, bed floor is new.
All new zinc hardware for the bed and bed-to-frame.
Passenger side bedside.
Underside of cab, all new cab mounts and hardware, new emergency brake cables sourced from In-Line tubing.
Underside of bed. New stainless steel brake lines, new rubber brake lines, new 4″ drop leaf springs sourced from Early Classic Enterprises. The new bedfloor is still in its factory applied finish.
Passenger side interior, new Comfort Grip steering wheel from Early Classic Enterprises, rebuilt original steering column, refurbished original AM/FM radio, new gas tank from Rock Auto. Gas tank sending unit is new. Fuel lines from tank to frame are in place.
Passenger side interior. Note no rubber or felt on doors.