Parts Inventory

As with any restoration, a good inventory of parts is needed to identify what you have and what you need. When this truck was purchased, it included a large inventory of NOS parts as well as original GM parts off other trucks. The extra GM parts include doors and an extra cowl. The doors and cowl were sold.

NOS taillight lenses.
NOS front blinker/parking light lenses.
NOS reverse light lenses.
NOS sport mirror backing plates.

NOS sport mirror gaskets.
Boxes for NOS windshield and back window seals.
NOS upper trim.
NOS moldings and clips.
NOS window felts and reproduction tailgate upper tailgate trim.
NOS door felts.
NOS inner grille and windshield and back window seals (have pictures of original GM box for seals).
NOS outer grille.
Another image of the NOS outer grille.
NOS gas neck grommet.
Reproduction taillight bezels.
Aftermarket shoulder belts.
Reproduction firewall (inside cab) insulation.
Powder coated headlight buckets.
Powder coated middle grille support.
Powder coated bracket.
Powder coated front bumper brackets.
Powder coated hood hinges and springs. A gun metal grey color was used.
Reproduction wire guide for the firewall.

Other items included:

  • NOS sport mirrors
  • Reproduction cargo light assembly
  • Reproduction door panels
  • OEM door panels (extra set)
  • A/C receiver dryer