Phase III – Body Fitment

The first order of work is body fitment, specifically investigating what the problem was with the doors. Neither door closed well or had good gaps. The second task would be to remount the fenders and hood to make sure everything could be lined up.

The door gaps were a tell tale sign that something wasn’t right. The doors had poor fitment both outside and inside. Here the gap between the inside of the door and the door jam barley allow enough room for finger tips (this is the space for the weather strip).
Conversely, here the gap is much greater, allowing all of the finger tips into the gap.
The door was out of alignment but also needed more room at the rocker panel. This was something the first body shop had to adjust, but didn’t go far enough.
The bottom of the door also need to be adjusted so that the door could be adjusted with better fitment in the cab.
The driver side door alignment is much better.
Here the front drive fender is in place along with the cowl. The door gaps look good, but the alignment between the fender and door holes for molding do not.
The passenger side fender is another story. The fender does not want to lay flat against the cab.
As it turns out this brace is the culprit. The brace, which is a heavier gauge steel than the rest of the fender needs to be adjusted.
Once the fender brace is adjusted the fender lays against the body much more like it should.
Window gaps on the driver door are much improved. Upper right hand corner is tighter than other areas, but seems to be common for 67-72 C10’s.
Passenger side door gaps are also much improved.
The hood hinges and hood back in place after a long time. Gaps look good.
Driver side hood gap and fitment. Note driver side NOS moldings on the ground.
Passenger side hood gap and fitment. Note passenger side NOS moldings on the ground.