Bodywork – Tailgate

Tailgates are possibly one of the most abused parts of a truck. It is not uncommon for them to have a significant bow, to be scratched and dented, and to close poorly. Its probably the case that even an NOS tailgate would need massaging to get it ready for a show quality finish.

The tailgate here was in pretty good shape, having some bowing in the center and needing a fair amount of massaging to make it acceptable.

Filling the low spots an sanding the high spots.
Body filler applied to the inside of the tailgate.
The low spots revealed.
Hard to tell, the gap between the tailgate and the level illustrates the bow in the tailgate.

Preview of the tailgate molding. This molding is not NOS but is made in the US using GM tooling.
Fresh coat of primer is applied.
More sanding on the front side of the tailgate.
More sanding on the back side of the tailgate.
Again, fresh primer is applied.
Front side of tailgate with fresh coat of primer.
Final prep on the back side before paint.
Final prep on the front side before paint.