Phase IV – Paint Materials

After about ten years since any paint had been put on the body, it was time to buy the materials. The paint used for the cab was PPG BC Global. The color was Medium Green PPG code 528. The original can still contained liquid, even after being stored merciless in an Arizona garage for ten years. By chance, the same paint distributor that was used to prepare this second batch of paint was the same one that was used 10 years prior to. The name of the business is English Color and Supply. It was a great experience to be there in the paint shop when they mixed, tested and put together the paints for the final painting.

English Color and Supply
3806 E Superior Ave,
Phoenix, AZ 85040

In the process of mixing the paint, it was amazing to see how the different tints are used to make the two colors being used. The amount of black that went into making Medium Green was surprising, and seeing how much caramel tint went into the white made me think the gentlemen mixing the paints must have made a mistake.

One gallon and one quart of green, one gallon of white and equal amounts of reducer.
Medium Green and Clear