Phase IV – Cab & Cowl

The cab at this point is only part of the truck still on the frame. The interior, frame, engine compartment is covered and taped. A special spray on soap has been sprayed over the truck before covering and taping so that any overspray that lands on the frame, undercarriage, engine, etc. will wash off easily. The top of the cab is taped off, and the paint boundries are taped in the areas of the door jams, where there will be a separation of white and green.

1972 Medium Green – PPG 528
The reflection on the back of the cab looks great, too bad no one will be able to appreciate it.
Note the tape line on the A pillar, the pillar will be white, inside and out.
1972 Chevrolet White – PPG 123
The contrast between the green and the white looks great.
With the green and white combination, this vehicle isn’t likely to blend in with a sea of modern day cars in a parking lot.