Phase IV – Bed

The bed was rebuilt with a new reproduction bed floor during the Body Prep phase. From the very beginning of the restoration, it was decided to paint the bottom of the bed in the body’s main color (Medium Green). The wheel wells would also be painted in the same color. Research was done on how the white stripe wrapped around the back of the bed at the factory. Before the paint was applied, seam welds were where the rear stake pockets meet the bed floor; I believe this was the only weld on the bed that was done at the factory. Seam sealer was also used between the panels to keep moisture out.

The bed was painted in this order
  • the underside of the bed
  • inside the bed
  • the outside of the bed (green)
  • the outside of the bed (white)
Driver side looking from cab toward tailgate
Passenger side looking from tailgate to cab. Notice inside bed is already painted.
Underside, inside and outside green paint is complete.
Passenger side
White stripe passenger side
Bed painting is complete, passenger side
White stripe wrap around on driver side
Driver side wheel well, looking towards tailgate
Wheel well
Underside of bed, looking from the cab toward the driver side wheel well
Front underside of bed, closest to cab