Phase I – Disassembly

Phase I was to do all the significant work to the cab. This would include:

  • removing the cab from the frame
  • media blasting the cab and doors
  • rust repairs
  • filling holes made by previous owners
  • painting inside and underneath the cab and the firewall

The restoration shop blew the truck apart right-away. The engine, transmission, front clip, cab, and interior were all separated for the first time.

The front clip was removed in one piece.
Note seventy’s style alarm key under the “400” emblem.
The disassembly continues.
Note the C10’s engine and transmission in the background (on and under the engine stand).
All body components are removed from the frame. The frame is sent out to be media blasted and is then primered and painted.
The contents of the interior, plus a few other items, were stored in their own room.
The all important SPID listing all the factory options.