Phase I – The Body Work

The intent from the beginning was to complete the body work and paint in four major steps. Step one would be to do all the necessary work to the cab. Step two would be to all the work on the front clip. Step three would be to do the bed. Step four would be to paint the entire truck. In between each major step in the body work and paint would be the completion of the front suspension, brakes, cooling system, fuel system, air conditioning, etc.

The cab and doors were sent to the strippers. It was really only at this point that the extent of the rust in the foot wells could be determined.
Removing the rocker panel, shows that a section of floor (not seen here) the rocker panel, and the lower part of the hinge post would need to be replaced. This is par for the course on these trucks, even when they’ve been in Arizona all there lives.
The passenger side was not as bad as the driver side but still required replacement of the same three sections.
While parts are on order, body work begins on other parts of the cab.
The inside of the cab is in good shape but there were some 30 plus holes to fill from a previous owners addiction to auto part store goodies.
Firewall is in relatively good shape but will gets some smoothing later.
Both cab corners are solid so only the outside of each is smoothed and blended with the cab as needed.
More body work on the cab corners.
Speaker holes are filled. These are the original doors.
Doors are worked inside and out.
New patch panels are aligned and installed. This is the passenger side.
The inside rocker panel is replaced. The old door support looks pretty good, but is replaced as well.
The under-side of the inner rocker panel on the passenger side.
The driver side lower door post, a portion of the floor, and the inner and outer rocker panels are replaced.
Body work is done on all sides of the cab.
Progress on the under side of the cab (passenger side).
Progress on the passenger side rocker and door post.
A little smoothing is done on the firewall, most of this work will actually never be seen.