Phase II – New Suspension Parts

All new high quality Moog parts were ordered from Early Classic Enterprises. Not enough good things can be said about Early Classic Enterprises, the quality of their parts, their prices, and most of all their customer support is excellent. The kit I purchased that contained the majority of the suspension parts was item 902-72RKP, 1972 […]

Phase II – Suspension Removal

After sitting for a long period of time, reassembled but not driveable, the front clip was once again removed and the suspension work commenced. The suspension, though not worn out because it had been maintained as needed, was not new. The other reason to tear into it was that the frame and suspension had been […]

Phase I – Paint

Choosing the paint color was a huge decision with lots of back and forth. There was a strong desire to keep the truck as original as possible, yet I wanted the truck to be as if I had ordered it myself in 1972. Original Color Scheme The original color scheme was Medium Olive Poly (504) […]

Phase I – Paint Prep

With the body work done on the cab, the paint preparation begins. Final sanding commences, seam sealer is applied, and everything except the inside of the cab, the firewall and the underside of the cab are sprayed. The color is 1972 Chevrolet Truck Medium Green. The paint used is PPG.